I'm a guy, husband, father, web guy, and sci-fi/fantasy junkie from Central Kentucky, and this site is me. I designed it around the duality that seems to be central to my personality. As long as I can remember, I've always been balanced between the two sides of everything: I can see both sides of any argument (even one in which I'm engaged, which sometimes makes it difficult to argue persuasively); I agree with tenets held by Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians; I'm both a designer (with an art degree) and a developer (working with code); I love progressive metal, bluegrass, jazz, modern rock, barbershop, folk, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and many other types of music; well, you get the picture.

So for years I've been thinking about what I would ever write about if I started a blog. Only doing one thing would be too limiting and wouldn't allow me to fully express myself, so here you have it: my double-blog. You can read both sides, one or the other, or neither, if you wish! I even have RSS feeds for the two sides if you only care about one of them.

picture of me