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My redhead's blog about our family (which right now consists of her, me, and our wonderful toddler, Caspian...he's also a redhead! We also have one more on the way.

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My friend's humor blog. You'll love the videos, images, and bits of funny awesomeness!

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(National Vaccine Information Center) One of the great healthcare travesties in our day is the conflict between both sides of the "vaccine war." Healthcare providers and decision makers need to be more honest about the risks of vaccines, and parents need to become more informed about all issues involved.


OmniTI Computer Consulting is the amazing company I work for. We specialize in websites and applications that need to be secure and/or scalable. We've worked with many companies from National Geographic to Etsy to AlliSports and many, many more. We also built FontDeck <> and Circonus <>.


This the awesome content management system I use on this site. It's extremely flexible, easy to use, and outputs very clean markup.