Dec 9

Why Men Hate Cats

Ok, so how about a more easygoing type of question: why do men hate cats?

Now, that's definitely a generalization, because not all men hate cats. Single guys tend to like cats, and even married-yet-childless men like cats. But there's something about entering fatherhood that changes things—I would be willing to bet that most fathers don't like cats. 

I've now crossed through all three categories. I liked cats ok when I was single, loved them when I was married-yet-childless (we had and still have two cats), but now that I'm a father, it's different. The cats that I used to love now drive me crazy. I wouldn't say I hate them, but I definitely don't like them. They're always underfoot, constantly meowing at the least opportune times, making messes I have to clean up, climbing on top of furniture and knocking stuff off, as well as clawing everything in sight and shedding everywhere! Need I say more?! The most interesting thing that I noticed after bringing our first kid home from the hospital is that my attitude towards our cats changed almost immediately, like a switch was flipped…but why?

I think it can be summarized in this: fatherhood is more stressful and time consuming than the other two categories, and cats are too smart for their own good—they always want our attention and love and aren't willing to be trained to forget that. It's almost as if all cats are hardwired with the love language of “physical touch.” So despite the fact that I don't have the time (or desire) to give them attention, our cats refuse to obey me because they want that attention regardless of whether or not I want to give it.

And dadgumit, It's annoying.