Jan 19

Were You Destined to Read This Article?

What is Destiny? It's an interesting question that everyone has an opinion on, but opinions vary widely. Some people are worried by the concept that another force controls their life; we Americans like to be in control of our own destiny, right?

But throughout history, a lot of cultures have had conceptions of destiny, such as the three fates of ancient Greece. As a Christian, I believe that God controls my life. Not all Christians believe this...and some Christians don't really know what to believe in regards to the idea of God predestining some or all of our actions in life. I could write on and on, but ultimately it would be my opinion, since I don't really have any evidence to back up my argument except for a recent occurrence in my life.

I recently made contact on Facebook with a friend from high school that I haven't heard from since then (twelve years ago). Not only are both of our wives pregnant currently, but they are both using the same midwife (and delivering at the same hospital), and they're both due within a week of each other! Now, what are the statistical chances of all the above things happening? Pretty low…